Special Events

Featured below is from our Cup Day 2017 held on Nov. 18th Honoring The Past President’s of The Women’s Auxiliary for their volunteerism and dedication to St. Edmond’s Home.

  • L to R:  Lisa Figge, Deanna Slota, Anne McDevitt, Clara Hilberts, Jane Young, Anne Reimel, Kathleen Kraus, Mary Ellen Pruitt, Liz Finley, Marti Rodgers, Eileen Park, Judy Gilbert, Ellen Cass, Kathie Moser, Mary Packer
  • Deanna Slota, Mary Ellen Pruitt and Kathleen Kraus
  • Jimmy and Betsy Kan, by Susan Scovill
  • Marti and Michael Rodgers, Kathleen and Carl Kraus, by Susan Scovill
  • Lisa Farrell, Carol Ostrander, Chris Ostrander
Theresa Hayes O'Flynn, by Susan Scovill
  • Linda Loughlin, Denise Bellisario, Ellen Cass and Sharon Bozenka, by Susan Scovill
  • Stephanie Bellisario, Steve McCrone, Jennifer Lurty and Kenny Yanni, by Susan Scovill
  • Ashley Fulkerson, Adrienne Madarasz,  Lindsey Petronella and Robert Hagstrom, by Susan Scovill
  • Emily Beilman, Ashley Fulkerson, Stephanie Bellisario, Adrienne Madarasz, Lindsey Petronella and Jennifer Lurty, by Susan Scovill
  • Nick Lanza and Hank Page, by Susan Scovill
  • Jeff and Mary Ann Bond, Liz and Paul Finley, by Susan Scovill
  • James, Missy and Mark Mundy, by Susan Scovill
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      Women’s Auxiliary

  •   for St. Edmond’s Home for Children
  •   320 South Roberts Road
         Rosemont, PA 19010
  •   1.610.525.8800, X115
  • info@womensauxsted.org

About Women’s Auxiliary

The purpose of this organization shall be to help by its efforts and activities to support Saint Edmond’s Home for Children.

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